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Item #
Wrap-A-RoundWrap-A-RoundCall us for size and application
centering headsCentering HeadsCall us for size and application
Multi-Trammel HeadsMulti-Trammel Heads0721-0016
contour markerContour MarkerCall us for size and
Jumbo Contour markerJumbo Contour MarkerCall us for size and
radius markersRadius MarkersCall us for size and application
pro-mag burning squarePro-Mag Burning Square0721-0020
fitter welder protractorFitter Welder Protractor0721-0008
magnetic burning guideMagnetic Burning GuidesCall us for size and application
Circle Ellipse ProjectorCircle-Ellipse Projector0721-0014
Universal levelUniversal Level020057
pro-mag levelPro-Mag Level020529
dial-angle flange levelDial-Angle Flange Level020556
Flange Aligner BaseFlange Aligner Base507561
Pipe flange AlignerPipe Flange Aligners501362
centering pinCentering Pin0722-0001
soapstone holderSoapstone Holder - Round Crayon Holder0721-0023
soapstone holderSoapstone Holder - Flat Crayon Holder0721-0024
Bushing SetCentering Bushing Set0722-0002