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Part No.
D25262K_K1_500X5001" SDS Rotary Hammer KitD25262K
D25263K1-1/8" D-Handle SDS Hammer Drill KitD25263K
d25553K1-9/16" Spline Rotary Hammer KitD25553K
D25601K_1_500X5001-3/4" SDS Max Combination HammerD25601K
D25901K_1_500X50022 lb. SDS Max Demolition Hammer with SHOCKS®D25901K
4-1/2" Small Angle Grinder
(Limited supply product replaced by DWE4214)
D281154-1/2”/5” High Performance Grinder with Trigger Grip
(Limited supply product replaced with DWE43115)
D281154-1/2”/5” High Performance Grinder
with No-Lock On Trigger Grip
d28144N6” High Performance
14" Chop Saw with Quick-Change Keyless Blade Change SystemD28715
D55146_1.6 HP Continuous 200 PSI 4.5 Gallon CompressorD55146
D5516715 Gallon 120 Volt Workshop CompressorD55167
D551681.6 HP Continuous 200 PSI 15 Gallon Workshop CompressorD55168
18V 4-1/2" Cordless Cut-Off Tool (Limited supply product replaced by DCG412)DC411B
dc411ka4-1/2” 18V Cordless XRP™
Cut-Off Tool Kit
DC9096_1_500X50018V Battery (Limited supply product)DC9096/DC9096-2
40 Volt Max ChargerDCB114
Max Lithium Ion Battery Charger 12V-20VDCB115
20 Volt MAX* Premium XR 5.0AH Lithium ION BatteryDCB205/DCB205-2
DC936036V Li-Ion batteryDCB361
40 Volt MAX Premium XR Lithium ION BatteryDCB406
40V MAX Lithium Ion XR Brushless 16" Chainsaw DCCS690H1
DCD940KX1/2” (13mm) 18V Cordless
XRP™ Drill/Driver Kit
(Limited supply product)
DCD950X:VX_1/2” (13mm) 18V Cordless XRP™ Hammerdrill/Drill/Driver Kit
(Limited supply product)
20V MAX Lithium Ion Premium 3-Speed Drill/Driver KitDCD980M2
DCD985M2_LF1_500X50020V MAX Lithium Ion Premium Hammerdrill KitDCD985M2
DCF880M2_K1_500X50020V MAX Lithium Ion 1/2" Impact Wrench KitDCF880M2
DCF885M2_LF1_500X50020V MAX Lithium Ion 1/4" Impact Driver KitDCF885M2
20V MAX XR 1/4" 3-Speed Impact Driver KitDCF887M2
DCF889M2_K1_500X50020V MAX Lithium Ion 1/2" High Torque Impact Wrench KitDCF889M2
20V MAX XR High Torque 3/4" Impact Wrench 5.0AN with Hog Ring Retention Pin AnvilDCF897P2
DCF899P2_K1_500X50020V MAX XR High Torque 1/2" Impact Wrench KitDCF899P2
DCG412P2_K1_500X50020V MAX Lithium Ion Grinder Tool KitDCG412P2
DCGG571M1_K1_500X500-120V MAX Lithium Ion Grease GunDCGG571M1
DCH253M2_K1_500X50020V MAX SDS Rotary Hammer KitDCH253M2
20V MAX Lithium Ion Hammerdrill/Impact Driver Combo KitDCK290L2
DCK492L2_K1_500X50020V MAX Premium 4-Tool Combo KitDCK492L2
DCK592L2_K1_500X50020V MAX Premium 5-Tool Combo KitDCK592L2
DCS371M1_K1_500X50020V MAX Lithium Ion Band Saw KitDCS371M1
DCS380P1_K1_500X50020V MAX Lithium Ion Reciprocating Saw KitDCS380P1
DCS391P1_K1_500X50020V MAX Lithium Ion Circular Saw KitDCS391P1
DW059K-21/2” (13mm) 18V Cordless XRP™
Impact Wrench Kit
(Limited supply product)
dw1301/2” Spade Handle DrillDW130V
dw1401/2” End Handle DrillDW140
dw2223/8” VSR Drill with Keyless ChuckDW222
dw235G1/2” VSR DrillDW235G
dw268VERSA-CLUTCH™ VSR ScrugunDW268
DW272_LF1_500X500VSR Drywall ScrugunDW272
dw2921/2” Impact WrenchDW292/K
DW294_1_500X5003/4” Impact WrenchDW294
dw2973/4” Impact WrenchDW297
DW311K_K1_500X50013 Amp Reciprocating Saw KitDW311K
DW317KCompact Jig Saw Kit
(Limited supply product)
DW7566” (150mm) Bench GrinderDW756
DW7588” (205mm) Bench GrinderDW758
2” (50mm) Die GrinderDW888
DW890_1_500X50018 Gauge Swivel Head ShearDW890
DW893_1_500X50012 Gauge Swivel Head ShearDW893
DW898_1_500X50014 Gauge NibblerDW898
dw210G1/2” VSR Pistol Grip DrillDWD210G
DWD215G_1_500X5001/2” VSR Mid-Handle Grip
Drill with Keyless Chuck
D284024-1/2” (115mm) Small Angle Grinder (Limited supply product)DWE402
D28402N4-1/2” Small Angle Grinder with No Lock-On (Limited supply product)DWE402N
DWE575_1_500X5007-1/4" Lightweight Circular Saw DWE575
3/8" 0-2,800 RPM VS Drill with Keyed Chuck DWE1014
2" 2-Speed Magnetic Drill PressDWE1622K
4-1/2" Small Angle GrinderDWE4214
7” (180mm) Large Angle GrinderDWE4517
4-1/2" - 5" High Performance Trigger Switch Grinder DWE43115
9” (230mm) Large Angle GrinderDWE4559N
1-1/2" Die Grinder No Lock-OnDWE4887N
DWM120_K1_500X500Deep Cut Band SawDWM120
DWS535_1_500X5007-1/4" Worm Drive Circular SawDWS535