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Item #
1940Flex Splitter® MC and Flexible Conduit Cutter1940
36414Kwik Stepper® Step Drill Bit36414
358843 Piece Kwik Stepper® Step Drill Bit Kit35884
83011 Piece Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit830
660-27 Piece Quick Change Stainless Steel Hole Cutter Kit660
7706SBQuick Draw® Hydraulic Punch Driver Kit7706SB
1981Indentor Crimping Tool1981
7306SBRam and Hand Pump Hydraulic Driver Kit7306
PA1900Can Wrench 22/4 & 24/4PA1900
Greenlee-718_118" Cable Cutter718
70631-1/2" Heavy-Duty Cable Cutter706
PA1559-2Mini Coax Pro Universal CrimperPA1559
CM900600A AC/DC Clamp MeterCM-900
CMT-80_1Automatic Electrical TesterCMT-80
DM40Manual Ranging MultimeterDM-40
dm-60Manual Ranging MultimeterDM-60
DM820ADigital MultimeterDM-820A
DTAP6-32Combination Drill/Tap Bit 6-32NCDTAP6-32
DTAPKITCombination Drill/Tap Bit KitsDTAPKIT
GT-10Circuit Verifying Polarity
AM-6Analog MultimeterAM-6
GT220Electrical TesterGT-220
K05-1GL_wK-Series Crimping Tool
8-1/0 AWG
K09-2GLK-Series Crimping Tool
8-4/0 AWG
HK06AT_Hydraulic Quad-Point Dieless Crimping ToolHK06AT
930_1Ultra Cutter Kit930
650_16" Hook-Type Sheave with 1-1/2" Minimum Radius650
864PVC Cutter - 1-1/4" Capacity864
759Compact Ratchet Cable Cutter759
PA1923Untwist Tool TwisterPA1923
EK06ATL12Gator® Plus Battery-Powered Quad-Point Dieless Crimping ToolsCall us for sizes and application
L77Mini Magnetic Bubble LevelL77
L107Electrician's Torpedo LevelL107
840ASite-Rite® Heat-Treated Aluminum Hand Bender840A
PA4941Technicians KitPA4941
Greenlee-ftfs439-100_1125' Fishtape SteelFTS438-125
Greenlee-ftfs439-100_1100' Fishtape Flexible SteelFTFS439-100
Slug-Buster Knockout Kit7235BB
Slug-Buster Manual Knockout Kit7237BB
Slug-Buster Knockout Kit with Ratchet Wrench7238SB