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Item #
62233A-3JT Plain Bearing Heavy Duty 5/8" Capacity Chuck06223
06283.jpg33BA-3/8 Plain Bearing Medium Duty 1/2" Chuck06283
06283.jpg33BA-1/2 Plain Bearing
Medium Duty 1/2" Chuck
13268#3 Wedge Set used on 3JT13268
13268#6 Wedge Set used on 6JT13269
14445Plain Bearing Heavy Duty 1/2" Chuck14445
3021511N Superchuck Ball Bearing 3/8" Chuck30215
3022114N Superchuck Ball Bearing 1/2" Chuck30221
3023318N Superchuck Ball Bearing 3/4" Chuck30233
302463/8" Professional Duty Keyed Chuck30246D
302473/8" Multi-Craft Drill Chuck30247D
302481/4" Adapt-A-Drive Chuck
with hex shank
303543/8" Capacity Hand-Tite Chuck30354
30422Drill Sleeve Outside 2MT/Inside 1 MT30422/621
30422632 Drill Sleeve Outside 3MT/Inside 2MT30423
30422643 Drill Sleeve Outside 4MT/Inside 3MT30425
30422654 Drill Sleeve Outside 5MT/Inside 4MT30428/654
30451-image834 Extension Socket Outside 3MT/Inside 4MT30451
30451-image843 Extension Socket Outside 4MT/Inside 3MT30452
30451-image854 Extension Socket Outside 5MT/Inside 4MT30455
30486_FRNT_MAIN902 Eject Drift for 1 and 2 MT30485
30486_FRNT_MAIN903 Eject Drift for 3 and 4MT30486
30486_FRNT_MAIN904 Eject Drift for 4 and 5MT30487
30486_FRNT_MAIN906 Eject Drift for 6MT30488
305981/2" x 3/8"-24 Multi-Craft Drill Chuck30598
305981/2" x 1/2"-20 Multi-Craft Drill Chuck30602
31037d3/8"-24 Hand-Tite 1/2" Capacity Chuck31037D
31037d1/2"-20 Hand-Tite 1/2" Capacity Chuck31038D
310521/2"-20 Professional Duty Keyed Chuck31052
7312AO233 Arbor 2MT/33JT7312
7312AO303 Arbor 3MT/3JT7315
7312AO304 Arbor 3MT/4JT7316
7312AO333 Arbor 3MT/33JT7319
7312AO404 Arbor 4MT/4JT7322
7339_FRNT_MAINAO802 Arbor Bridgeport Taper 2/JT7339
7339_FRNT_MAINAO804 Arbor Bridgeport Taper 4/JT7341
7351A4003 Arbor 1/2" Straight Shank 3/JT7351
Chuck KeyChuck Key 1/4"K2
Chuck KeyChuck Key 5/16"K3
Chuck KeyChuck Key 15/64"K30
Chuck KeyChuck Key 1/4"K32
Chuck KeyChuck Key 3/8"K4
Chuck KeyChuck Key 7/16"K5
Chuck KeyChuck Key 1/4"KG1
Chuck KeyChuck Key 9/32"KK