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Item #
gp400-600453420Paddle Switch Die GrinderGP400
6" Angle GrinderWE14-150 Plus
WE14-150QUICK 6” Angle Grinder with Paddle SwitchWEP14-150 QUICK
wep15-150QUICK 6" Angle GrinderWEP15-150 QUICK
wepba17-125QUICK 5" Angle GrinderWEPBA17-125 QUICK
wepba17-150QUICK 6" Angle GrinderWEPBA17-150 QUICK
wp7804-1/2" Non-Locking Paddle Switch Angle GrinderWP780
wp850-1154-1/2" Angle GrinderWP820
wp850-1154-1/2" Angle GrinderWP850-115
w7-115-quick4-1/2" Angle GrinderW7-115
w7-115-quick4-1/2" QUICK Angle GrinderW7-115 QUICK
W8-115Quick-24-1/2” Angle GrinderW8-115
w9-1154-1/2" Angle GrinderWP9-115
we14-1506" Angle GrinderWE14-150 PLUS
W23-2309” Angle GrinderW23-230
w24-230-mvt9" Angle GrinderW24-230
w24-230-mvt9" Non-Locking Angle GrinderW24-230 MVT
ase18ltxCordless Recip SawASE18 LTX
ksa18-ltx6-1/2" Cordless Circular SawKSA18 LTX
cs23-35514" ChopsawCS23-355
sb18ltx1/2" Cordless Drill/
sb18ltx1/2" Cordless Hammer DrillSB18 LTX
khe-d241" Combination Hammer DrillKHE-D24
khe32501-1/4" Combination Hammer DrillKHE3250
ssd18-ltxCordless Impact WrenchSSD18 LTX
ssw18-ltxCordless Impact WrenchSSW18 LTX 400
mag28Cordless Magnetic Core DrillMAG28 LTX32
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