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Item #
5038B3/8” Impact Wrench with
Ring Retainer
5039B3/8” Impact Wrench5039B
5000A1/2” Impact Wrench5000A
5050A.eps1/2” Impact Wrench5050A
5000A1/2” Impact Wrench5000AP
5250A1/2” Impact Wrench5250A
IW50HAP-4P1/2” Drive Impact WrenchIW50HAP-4P
5051A LF1/2” Impact Wrench5051A
5075A_0003/4” Impact Wrench5075A
IW75BP-6H3/4” Drive Impact WrenchIW75BP-6H
50921” Impact Wrench5092
IW100HAI-8H1” Drive D-Handle Impact WrenchIW100HAI-8H
FRLK1660Filter-Regulator-Lubricator KitFRLK1660
1660Filter, Regulator, Lubricator Assembly1660B
1651maFilter, Regulator, Lubricator Assembly1651MA
1300Reciprocating Saw1300
5980Air Engraving Pen5980
VG20AL7" Vertical Type 27 Wheel GrinderVG20AL-60D7
VG20AL9" Vertical Type 27 Wheel Grinder VG20AL-60D9
VG30AL6" Vertical Type 6 & 11 Wheel Grinder VG30AL-60C6
SWG10S1833” Right Angle Type 27 Wheel GrinderSWG10S183
SWG10A12454-1/2” Right Angle Type 27 Wheel GrinderSWG10A1245
SWG10S12454-1/2” Right Angle Type 27 Wheel GrinderSWG10S1245
SWG10AX1245 LF4-1/2” Right Angle Type 27 Extended Wheel GrinderSWG10AX1245
SWG10S12454-1/2" Right Angle Type 27 Wheel GrinderSWG10S1245
1285L7" Right Angle Type 27 Wheel Grinder1285L
52684-1/2” Right Angle Heavy Duty Grinder5268
5285.eps5” Right Angle Heavy Duty Grinder5285
SCO10A106 RF_0015" & 6" Angle Cutoff Tools (Type 1)SCO10A106
HG20AL-89P3Horizontal GrinderHG20AL-80P3
HG30ALHorizontal GrinderHG30AL-60S6
SXG05S23Extended Die GrinderSXG05S23
SXG10S23RExtended Die GrinderSXG10S23R
SDG7S25FStraight Die GrinderSDG7S25F
SDG05S23Straight Die GrinderSDG03S25
5053Light Duty Die Grinder5053A
5054AMedium Duty Die Grinder5054A
5055AHeavy Duty Right Angle Die Grinder5055A
SAG03S20Right Angle Die GrinderSAG03S20
SAG05S23Right Angle Die GrinderSAG05S23
SAG10S18Right Angle Die GrinderSAG10S18
5445R_0003/8” Pistol Grip DrillFDR5450
5445R_0001/2” Pistol Grip Drill5450R
3T1630“T” Handle DrillsSee chart for more information
SDR10P26N3_000Pistol Grip Drills - Non-Reversing and ReversingSDR10P26N3
TM50AP-0775.EPSTM Series Torque MultipliersSee chart for more information