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Starrett Height Transfer Gage


  • For use with test indicators or electronic amplifiers to accurately transfer height settings from gage blocks, digital height gages or other standards
  • The entire dovetail and slide unit has fine vertical adjustment of approximately 3/8″ relative to the fixed column by means of a knob on the base
  • Because the adjusting mechanism is located in the base, the vertical column and indicator are isolated and not affected by any external influence such as heat or hand pressure
  • A snug on the slide provides two holes: .375 and .156″ diameter for holding gage rods or scribers
  • A 9″ rod furnished with the gage has a major diameter of .375″ and two stepped diameters of 1/4″ and 7/32″ at one end and 5/16″ at the opposite end
  • Product nos. ending with Z have cases, all other product numbers come without cases
Part No.

  • Contact Heavy Maintenance Supply 205-384-5284 for more information