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Cable & Rope Wire Cutters

Channellock 9″ Cable/Wire Cutter with Compound Joint 910

  • Hardened M2 alloy steel blade inserts
  • Cuts most wire rope, steel and stainless steel rod up to 5/32″
  • 8:1 compound action for maximum cutting power with minimum effort
  • Long lasting double overwind spring
  • High tensile steel handles

Channellock 9-1/2″ Cable Cutting Pliers 911

  • Designed to enable easy cutting of cables; Not for steel or ACSR
  • Constructed from high carbon drop forged steel
  • Offers long lasting durability; Cuts up to 4/0 aluminum and 2/0 copper
  • Channellock blue comfort grips
  • Site hardened cutting edges shear through soft metal wires and cables

Channellock 8-1/2″ Coax Cable Cutter 919

  • Three stripping stations for RG-6, RG-59 and Internal wire
  • Laser etched marking for lasting indication of wire gauges
  • Crimping station for RG-6 and RG-59
  • Coax cable tool

Greenlee 31-1/2″ Heavy-Duty Cable Cutter 706


  • Strong, lightweight fiberglass handles
  • Adjustable pivot bolt provides for blade adjustment
  • Replaceable, forged, heat treated, and precision ground blades
  • Made in the USA

Greenlee 18″ Cable Cutter 718


  • Strong, lightweight fiberglass handles
  • Adjustable pivot bolt provides for blade adjustment
  • Replaceable, forged, heat treated, and precision ground blades
  • Made in USA

Klein Tools Cable Splicer’s Kit 46037

  • Includes cable splicer’s knife, electricians scissors, and 2-pocket leather pouch
  • Cuts cable, telephone wire, and strips insulation

Klein Tools Standard Cable Cutters 63041, 63045


  • Lightweight, yet efficient shear-type cable cutters
  • Replaceable hook-jaw blades grab and hold cable while shear-cutting action makes clean cuts
  • Exceptionally strong fiberglass handles with heavy vinyl grips for comfort and slip resistance
  • Heavy-duty pins in head serve as blade-stops
  • Jaws are forged tool steel with black-oxide finish for long life
  • Beveled tips assure positive mating, and hinge on a rugged bolt with a pin-set nut to maintain proper blade tension
  • Make a clean, even cut for ease in fitting lugs and terminals
  • Not designed for cutting steel or ACSR
  • Includes rubber sleeves (Cat. No. 63041TH)
Cable Cutter Part No.
Replacement Head Part No.
500 copper/750 aluminum
1000 copper/1200 aluminum

Klein Tools Utility Cable Cutter 63035


  • Forged steel with black-oxide finish for long life
  • Shear-type hook jaws grab and hold cable while shear-cutting action makes clean cuts
  • Beveled tips for positive mating
  • Hinge bolt with pin-set nut for proper blade tension
  • Non-slip vinyl grips

Klein Tools High-Leverage Cable Cutter 63050


  • High-leverage design for exceptional cutting capability of 4/0 aluminum, 2/0 soft copper, 100-pair 24 AWG communications cable
  • Precision, one-hand shearing action
  • Cable-gripping shear-type jaws
  • Perfect for working in confined spaces
  • Can be carried in most tool pouches
  • Beveled jaw tips provide proper mating and shearing action, which protects leading jaw edges
  • Through-hardened (not case-hardened) for longer-lasting cutting surfaces
  • Hot-riveted joint ensures smooth action and no handle wobble
  • Custom, US-made tool steel
  • Maximum cable cutting: 4/0 aluminum, 2/0 soft copper
  • Length: 9-1/2″

Klein Tools Compact Cable Cutter 63055


  • Cuts 24 AWG copper, aluminum multi-strand cable wire and 100-pair telephone cable
  • Precise, one-hand shearing action without compression or frayed ends
  • Special shear angle cuts cleanly without compression to cable geometry for telecom cable work
  • Plastic-dipped handles for comfort
  • Heat-treated, high-carbon steel shearing edges for long life
  • Forged body with 3/8” (10 mm) case-hardened rivet
  • Do NOT use to cut steel or ACSR
  • Length: 8″

Klein Tools Ratcheting Cable Cutter 63060


  • Patented two-step ratchet mechanism requires fewer strokes per cut
  • Quick release lever opens blades easily in every cutting position. (Allows removal of the cable before completion of cut)
  • Precision ratcheting mechanism holds cable tight and allows rapid, straight cuts with minimum effort
  • Hardened steel cutting blades for lasting strength and sharpness
  • Plastic covered handles with hand guards for comfort and firm grip
  • Locking lever keeps handles closed for easy transport; fits in a toolbox or bag
  • One-year warranty
  • Refer to the Instructions for Replacement Part information
  • Length 10-1/4″

Morse Starrett Wire Rope Cutters

  • Portable impact cutter, actuated by striking with a hammer
  • These cutters are precision engineered to deliver a cut without affecting the original roundness of the wire rope
Part No.
Cutting Capacity

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