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Chain Saw Files

Nicholson Chain Saw Files

  • American Pattern Round Chainsaw File
  • Tighten Tension on Chain to Firmly Support Cutters When Filing
  • File From Inside to Outside of Cutter
  • Place File Against Beveled Cutting Surface of Teeth 20° to 45° with Saw
  • Follow Saw Manufacturers’ Specifications
  • Sharpen All Left Hand Cutters on One Side of Chain
  • Then Move to the Other Side and File All the Right Hand Cutters
  • Check Depth Gauge Height Every 2 or 3 Sharpenings
Part No.
1/4" x 8" Chain Saw File
5/32" x 8" Chain Saw File
7/32" x 8" Chain Saw File

Warrensville File & Knife Chain Saw File 51018

  • This is a blunt file with parallel sides and is double cut
  • Used for filing teeth on a chipper type chain saw
  • All meet or exceed US Government specification GGG-F-325b.

  • Contact Heavy Maintenance Supply 205-384-5284 for more information