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Sumner Table Adjust-A-Roll® For Floor Or Bench


The Sumner Adjust-A-Roll is the perfect pipe fabrication stand for job or shop use.  The fabricator can adjust the load from any side with an adjustable wrench.  The Adjust-A-Roll works in combination with Sumner Pipe Jacks.

  • Roller adjustment from either side
  • Fast adjustment for easy pipe positioning
  • 1/2″ to 48″ or 2,000 lbs. pipe capacity
  • Clean and simple design avoids welder interference
  • Wheels trued for true pipe rotation
  • Bronze bearing to eliminate arcing
  • Brake to lock loads for lay-out or fit-up
  • Handle large enough to work with gloved hand
Part No.
ST-501 with steel wheels
ST-502 with Ball-Transfer Head
ST-503 with Rubber Wheels
ST-504 with Stainless Steel Wheels

  • Contact Heavy Maintenance Supply 205-384-5284 for more information