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Anti-Seize Compound

CRC Soluble Oil SL2513

  • For use in most machine shop applications, particularly grinding
  • Use for improved wetting, cleaning & lubricating during metal cutting and grinding applications
  • 1 gallon

Jet-Lube Kopr-Kote® Industrial Anti-Seize Compound 10007

  • Retains the equipment in serviceable condition
  • Environmentally safe formula is free of sulfur, lead, and other environmentally undesirable metals
  • Assures protection against rust, oxidation, and corrosion
  • Will not harden, evaporate, or settle out; and requires no thinning
  • Water resistant and excellent for rough-cut threads made of cast iron, steel, and most alloys
  • Has controlled frictional characteristics so that the surfaces of the nut & bolt are torque to the designed K-Factor
  • Assures full hydraulic efficiency by allowing the metal surfaces to slide over each other without metal-to-metal contact
  • 2 lb brush top can

LA-CO EZ-Break® Anti Seize Compound

  • Working temperature: to 2600° F (1427° C)
  • Lubricates and protects nuts and bolts, making disassembly easy, even after years of service
  • Resists galling, rust, and corrosion so your metal parts won’t “freeze up”
  • Nickel material is excellent for ultra-high temperature applications
  • Made in U.S.A.
Part No.
10 oz Brush-In cap
8 oz Brush-In cap

LPS Premium Copper Anti-Seize 02916

  • Prevents seizure up to 1800 deg F
  • Lead free
  • Cushions impact and shock loads
  • Will not run, drip or settle out
  • Not affected by contraction, expansion or vibration
  • Permits reuse of fittings, saves stud, bolt and nut replacements
  • Reduces wrench torque
  • Brushes easily
  • Highly adhesive on both wet and dry surfaces

Permatex Anti-Seize Lubricant 81464

  • Highly refined blend of aluminum, copper and graphite lubricants
  • Prevents galling, corrosion and seizing
  • Temperature range: -60°F to 1600°F (-51°Cto 871°C)
  • 12 oz aerosol can, 8.5 oz new weight

Sprayon LU620 Aerosol Anti Seize Compound S00620

  • LU620 Anti Seize Compound is a semi-synthetic lubricating grease that serves to protect parts against corrosion, seizure, galling, rust carbon fusion and galvanic pitting
  • This aerosol anti-seize is made from a combination of finely powdered nickel, aluminum and copper that will not melt or run out after application
  • Ideal for use on threaded fittings, rig drives, casting equipment, winches, conveyors, valve shafts, brake cams, manifold studs and bolts, sprockets and chains
  • With an operational temperature range of 0° F to 2,200° F (-18° C – 1,204° C), Highly effective, extreme pressure lubricant, that you can depend on to both serve and protect your machinery
  • 11.25 oz aerosol can

Sprayon LU201 Open Gear & Wire Rope Lube S00201

  • Penetrates to core of wire rope, minimizing internal friction
  • “Travels” on metal surfaces, displacing water to provide excellent rust protection
  • NSF reg. no. 131586; H2 rated
  • Withstands extreme pressure with maximum adhesion
  • Works from 0°F to 250°F
  • Penetrates pores of surfaces without heating
  • Won’t wash, weather away or rub off
  • Black color aids in determining adequate coverage
  • 12 oz aerosol can with spray extension tube


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