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Chipping Hammers

Best Weld Chipping Hammer CH-200

  • Hammer heads are hardened to precisely controlled temperatures for durability and strength
  • Wide-blade design removes slag faster and adds to the life of the tool
  • Drop forged, heat-treated, hardened head withstands more grinds
  • Well balanced handle grip for comfort and ease-of-use
  • Length: 11″, weight 1 lb.

Lenco/Profast Chipping Hammer LPHHC

  • Reduced impact sting
  • Safety yellow color
  • Ringed handle end raises handle for easy pick up
  • Splinter free
  • Forged steel heads
  • Lenght: 11.75″, weight: 18 oz.

Lenco/Profast Chipping Hammer with Hickory Handle LWHHC

  • Hickory handles are unexcelled for toughness and resilience
  • Drop forged, heat threaten heads attach to handle with steel and wood wedges
  • Cross chisel and prick
  • Length: 11.5″, weight 18 oz.

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