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Corrosion Inhibitors

Best Weld Zinc Galvanized Spray SPRAY-GALV-13OZ

  • Zinc rich rust preventative finish for industrial applications
  • For use on galvanized and non-galvanized surfaces
  • No topcoat needed
  • 13 oz

Blaster Heavy-Duty Corrosion Stop 16-CSP

  • For use on automotive, marine, industrial and other applications
  • Great for preserving cast iron components
  • 11 oz aerosol can

CRC SP-400 Extreme Duty Corrosion Inhibitor 03282

  • Seals out moisture completely through its waxy film
  • Applicable for most metals
  • Resistant to weather, chemical, corrosive process, moisture, saltwater and humidity
  • Aerosol 16 oz.

CRC Zinc-It® Cold Galvanize Aerosol 18412

  • Actively fights rust and corrosion with a film of 95% pure zinc
  • Protects base metal even when scratched, abraded, or dented
  • Fast-drying, dries to the touch in 15 minutes
  • Excellent weldability
  • 13 oz. aerosol

Tempil Bloxide® Weldable Primer 24100

  • Bloxide is a versatile weldable primer with a unique aluminum-based formula that eliminates cleaning or removal before welding, thus saving time and labor costs
  • Enhanced by corrosion preventative features, Bloxide can be applied to a wide range of metals for extended periods of storage, assisting in producing X-Ray quality welds
  • High temperature resistant to 800°F (427°C)
  • One gallon pail

Weld-Aid Hot-Dip Brite Zinc Cold Galvanizing Primer B-100

  • Brite Zinc is designed for the touch up and repair of galvanized metals like chain link fencing, roofing, farm equipment and other any other fabrication application for maximum protection against rust
  • Great for touching up galvanized surfaces after welding to re-establish the zinc coating
  • Unlike most zinc-rich coatings, Brite Zinc can be used effectively as a one-step coating process (primer and topcoat combined) matching the shiny look of freshly galvanized steel while providing a 69% zinc rich surface
  • Also great on bare steel to prevent rust
  • 69% zinc metal
  • Re-sealable paint style can
  • Meets ASTM-A780 for corrosion protection
  • 12.5 oz aerosol can

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