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Cutting and Tapping Fluid

LPS Tapmatic® #1 Gold Cutting Fluid 40330

  • Does not contain water, solvents, or inactive fillers
  • Reduces cutting torque and improves cutting efficiency
  • Does not contain chlorinated paraffins
  • Requires less product usage than traditional cutting fluids
  • Increases tool life and improves surface finish
  • Great for all metals including aluminum
  • 1 gallon

Norseman Drill Ultra S/P™ Metal Cutting Lubricant Type 11-AG 96050

  • Super concentrated no run formula
  • Clings to vertical surfaces for continual lubrication
  • Virtually smoke-free in even the most heat prone applications
  • Contains no ozone depleting substances
  • This fluid will extend tool life and yield a super machined finish
  • 4 oz

Oatey Dark Cutting Oil 30205

  • Dark Cutting Oil – High speed Dark Oil extends the life of your cutting machines
  • Dark Cutting oil formulated for high-speed cutting machines
  • A special mixture of sulphonated and chlorinated oils provides high film strength
  • Keeps machines running cooler and extends the life of your dies
  • Anti-mist and non-staining formula is not affected by weather
  • Protection helps make sharp clean threads while extending the life of your dies
  • Formulated for hand threading small cutting machines
  • Anti-mist and non-staining formula is not affected by weather
  • 1 gallon

Sprayon Cutting Oil S00208

  • Excellent lubricant specifically formulated for all ferrous and non-ferrous machining operations
  • Extends tool life reducing tool sharpening and downtime
  • Recommended for all metals including stainless steel and soft metals such as aluminum brass and copper
  • It utilizes a unique combination of friction reducing triglycerides which aides in a high degree of fluid film protection
  • 12 oz aerosol

Tap Magic Cutting Fluid with EP-Xtra®

  • Outstanding performance for any cutting operation on any metal
  • Absolutely without equal on hard metals and on cuts requiring extreme pressure or long cutting times
  • Can with spout
Part No.
4 oz spout top
16 oz spot top
  • Contact Heavy Maintenance Supply 205-384-5284 for more information