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CRC Dielectric Grease 02085

  • Non-curing silicone compound used for electrical sealing, lubricating, protecting and insulating
  • Waterproofs electrical connections and components
  • Improves electrical performance in adverse weather conditions
  • 3.3 wt oz

Mystik JT-6® Hi-Temp Grease No. 2 665005002080

  • Mystik JT-6 Hi-Temp Grease No. 2 provides excellent protection in severe service requirements such as disc brake wheel bearings, backhoe hinge pins and conveyor bearings
  • 14 oz cartridge

Radiator Specialty Specialty – Solder Seal® Gunk® White Lithium Grease L6-16

  • Professional grease lubricant that minimizes friction
  • Long lasting formula won’t melt, wash-off or freeze
  • Protects metals from rust and corrosion
  • 11 oz aerosol

  • Contact Heavy Maintenance Supply 205-384-5284 for more information