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Specialty Products

Dykem Steel Blue Layout Fluid 80600

  • Quick drying allowing minimal preparation time before scribing
  • Works on a variety of materials including metals, aluminum, and glass
  • 1 quart bottle

Dykem Steel Red Layout Fluid 80396

  • Steel red felt tip applicator
  • Uniform deep color prevents glare and dries in minutes
  • Will not crack or chip
  • For tool and die makers, maintenance mechanics, machinists and pattern makers
  • Scribes a sharp clear precise lines on a variety of materials including metals, aluminum and glass
  • 4 oz

Gunk De-Icer Windshield Spray & Frozen Lock Spray DE-1

  • Automotive windshield de-icer
  • Defrosts auto and truck windshields, wipers and windows instantly
  • It helps free frozen locks and is ideal for vehicles parked without shelter
  • Spray in advance to prevent frost formation
  • 12 oz. aerosol

  • Contact Heavy Maintenance Supply 205-384-5284 for more information